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Beloved, welcome to the Dare to Imagine website! I believe with all my heart that we are in a new season here at Bright Hope! God’s vision to Grow Men, Grow Women, Grow Youth, and Grow Families is all part of the call on our lives to step outside of our com-fort zones and go BIG for God. Part of this new season is the launch of our Dare to Imagine (d2i) fund, two-year capital campaign. When you sign up for d2i, it enables us to move forward with God’s vision to be A Church Where People Believe, Imagine, and Grow. If you are not signed up, please click the “Pledge Now” button to fill out a pledge form, and if you want to give then simply click the “Give Online” button. It's that simple! Many blessings, and let's Dare to Imagine.